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April 27, 2010:
Episode 4 will be out soon! Maybe this weekend me and Jaina can get together so we can film it! And sorry it's taking SO long! We have just been really busy lately, and i couldn't get a hold of Jaina! But I promise we'll get it done soon! Just Keep checking YouTube or The Website!
Fairy Society
July 25, 2010:
Oh My GOSH!!! We are soooooo sorry about Episode 4! We will definetly (hopefully) have it finished by the end of summer and possibly Episode 5 & 6! :) Hopefully... The reason we haven't filmed it yet is because when Jaina's here, im gone. When im here, Jaina's gone. And on the rare occasions when we manage to get together at my house... our filmer is busy!!! :/ It definetiy hasen't worked out for us this summer. :( And only those of you that have a short series of your own will truely understand. Its not easy (espessialy when you don't live close to eachother) to get all the actors together on the same day during the summer when everyone going on vacation... Jaina! LOL. She's in Mexico right now. Well, just letting yall know that we have not given up on the show or our fans! And hopefully you havent given up on us! :) 
June 9, 2010:
Hey Guys! Im sooo sorry its taking us soooo long  to get Episode 4 done. We promise that it will definitly be out by the end of the summer. Just have faith and DON'T give up on us! We promise Episode 4 is on its way! :) 
August 17, 2010:
Sup all our fans? We got episode 4 done!... and 5, and 6, and 7, and 8, and 9!!!!! We really didn't think we would get ALL that done before summer ended, but we did! And guess what... we might just invite Jaina over this weekend to film the Season 1 finale! So cross your fingers!
August 25, 2010:
What's up guuuys??!! :p  No, we didn't get Jaina over last weekend, BUT... this weekend we are almost POSITIVE she will come over! If she does come we will film the season finale and possibly some of season 2... ;) OH! By the way, season 2 is going to be the most awesomest thing you will ever watch in your ENTIRE LIFE!!! Stay Tuned for all that stuff!

HEY!!!!!!!!! This is the Fairy Society Director!!!!!! As it turns out, we are not quiting Fairy Society!!!!! Sorry we have lives and weren't able to film during the school year... BUT, we are going to start the show back up when summer starts. Yes, I know, "YOU KEPT US WAITING FOR 7 MONTHS!!!!!!!!! WHAT COULD YOU HAVE POSSIBLY BEEN DOING THAT KEPT YOU FROM FILMING ALL THAT TIME????????????" Well, to answer this very good question, we had school most of the time, if you didnt already know. And I do gymnastics, and Hayley (Lily) does cheerleading. So when we werent at school, we were at the gym.And when we weren't at school OR the gym, Jaina (Alexis) couldn't come over. And all the rest of the time, we just plain forgot about it. So its partly just do to laziness. But seriously, our lives are chaotic. But we PROMISE on Hayleys LIFE that we have NOT stopped and we WILL do the season 1 finale and season 2 over the summer!!!!! SO PLEASE DO NOT TURN US OFF!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR PATIENTS!!!! YOU WONT HAVE TO WAIT MUCH LONGER, WE PROMISE YOU!!!!! :D 
April 15, 2011
April 23, 2011
Hey Guys! Alot of you have been wondering why we are waiting till summer time to continue filming. Well, the reason why is because some parts of the season 1 finale are at the pool, and our pool doesn't open until May 7th. We have filmed all the parts that aren't at the pool, so we have worked on it alittle. We just have to get to the pool and do the second half of it. So please hang in there and keep checking after May 7th to see if we've posted anything. I will write another update after May 7th so I can tell you what happened. We might even post the season 1 finale before school ends. Keep your fingers crossed! BYE!
July 1, 2011
Hey Guys! We just wanted to let yall know that we have FINALLY after what seemed like FOREVER filmed and posted the Season 1 Finale. Parts 1 and 2. And the Trailer for it as well. And the season 1 bloopers. And the season 2 trailer. And the first episode for season 1. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Explanation: We had already filmed season 2 episode 1 before we finished the season 1 finale. (Which is why Lily's/Hayley's hair becomes shorter right in the middle of the finale and then in season 2 epsiode 1 it magically grows back to its original length) The ONLY reason we hadn't put on the finale trailer or the finale itself was because the pool parts had not been done yet. We finally went to the pool last weekend to film it. Hence all of the uploaded videos in 3 days. Please understand that we can't be more sorry for makeing all of you wait sooooo long for this one episode. We lost soooo many of our biggest fans because they gave up on us. If you are reading this it means that you are a true Fairy Society fan. We will be uploading and updating you guys on whats going on with Fairy Society. We really hope there will never be such a long wait for just one episode ever again.
April 1, 2012
Hey Guys, It's Hayley, (Lily) from the YouTube show 'Fairy Society'. I hope you are reading this. To all you big fans of Fairy Society, I wanted to let you know that we may or may not be doing the show anymore. I think we should, but me and the director, (my older sister) aren't sure about our other actress, my sister in the show, and my friend in real life, Jaina, (Alexis), from Fairy Society. She is 13 now, and she might be tired of it by now. I haven't talked to her about Fairy Society in a while, so she probably forgot about it. And, so did me and my sister too. But yesterday we started thinking about it again, and then I watched all the episodes over again and I realized that i missed doing it, and that we had a very well put together show! So, i will talk to Jaina, and since there are still fans out there who want more episodes, we will consider continuing filming Fairy Society over the summer! Please Stay Tuned and DON'T unsubscribe. If you already did, and you are reading this, if I were you, I would SUBSCRIBE right back. ;)        Happy Flying,

CheerChickzie3/Hayley/Lily, <3      <------ Cheerchickzie3 YouTube Channel
March 23, 2013
FINALLY! After all of that time, we have finally posted Season 2 Episode 3. We are sooooooooooooooooooooo incredibly sorry about how long it took to put it out there. Believe me, your suffering is over, but ours is ongoing. We lost so many wonderful subscribers because of how long it took to make episode 3, and sadly we let a lot of people down. We can't even begin to explain how sorry we are. We know that we had you all in suspense and a lot of people gave up on us, but if you are reading this right now it means you are either a new fan or you stuck it out and never gave up on us and we THANK YOU SO MUCH! If it wasn't for all of your persistence, we might have discontinued the show. Thank you all so much to those of you who have been with us from the very beginning, all of you Fairy Society veterans out there! WE SOLUTE YOU! You are the reason our show is successful. All of the lies about new episodes coming up and then falling off the face of the earth for 8 months is gone because I repeat SEASON 2 EPISODE 3 IS ON YOUTUBE! We literally we all dancing around the room when it finished uploading, and I'm sure you did the same when you saw we made it finally. Anyways, we have already made part of episode 4 so the next part is on the way. Summer is coming soon so we are going to try to get things done as fast as we can. Fairy Society is back and better then ever! We wont let you all down. Happy Flying!

​​~Hayley (CheerChickzie3) <3